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Hong Kong Records

set up 義膽狙擊 (dvd)

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三位老朋友辛尼(Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson)、雲遜(賴恩•菲利普飾)和 戴夫從 小就一起在底特律的窮街陋巷成長,注定走上犯罪道路。可是一單世紀鑽石 劫案得手後,雲遜竟射殺兩位難兄難弟,就這樣戴夫死了,但辛尼幸存,他 有的是完美的策劃,為了靠近城中頭號江湖黑幫,不惜得罪了大佬畢斯 (布斯韋利士飾),誓要反轉底特律每一個街頭,決定展開復仇背水一戰。

A group of friends become involved in a potentially deadly diamond heist.
Hong Kong Records
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Hong Kong Records

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Hong Kong Records