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銀河街道搞搞搞 galaxy turnpike (dvd)

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連續兩周笑奪日本票房No.1,《黑幫有個荷里 活》喜劇鬼才三谷幸喜神級爆笑鉅作衝上外太 空!西元2265年,在木星與土星之間某個快荒 廢的太空站中,為人生苦惱的店長(香取慎吾 飾)、被引誘的人妻(綾瀨遙 飾)、與女友道別的 超人(小栗旬 飾)、以及一班來自宇宙各處的怪 雞人物偶然遇上,引發連串奇妙事件,密集放 送不可思議笑彈,笑聲震宇宙!

In 2265 AD, interspace highway Route 246666 aka "The Galaxy Turnpike", runs from the region of the solar system between Jupiter and Saturn, the area is renowned for the variety of food establishments. However after 150 years of operation, reduced traffic volume has brought hardship to "Sand-Sand Burger", a tiny hamburger joint which sits all alone beside the space route. Customers are coming from different planets, such as Space Ranger, Space Hero, Space Pimp, Space Prostitute, Space Doctor, Space Bureaucrat, Space Singer, Space Part-timer and etc. Directed and written by Koki Mitani, his latest romantic Space comedy with cast of all-star aliens take us on a hilarious journey into the outer space!
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